Friday, 2 September 2011

Born in the Landscape

The glorious synergy when what's made and what's evolved appear born in the same landscape to live in perfect harmony

Spinalonga, which I call the Island of Old Souls, was a Venetian fortress, a Turkish outpost, a leper colony for most of the last century and now, a tourist attraction 

  Spinalonga is found in the Gulf of Elounda, north-eastern Crete. These are a few remnants of a Venetian village and the leper colony. Today many of these old dwellings have been beautifully restored, unfortunately - for I far prefer what 
was born and aged in the landscape!

The symbiosis between man and water and ducks!

Rough-hewn stone houses are found in little villages all over the island of Crete

And finally,Kανέλα (Kanela or Cinnamon in Greek) who was certainly born in the landscape, in Tsagarada, Pelion, Greece
                               © 2011 Francesca Muir 

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  1. Please dont leave me on Spinalonga, it reminds me of Port Arthur, beautiful but very haunted.


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