Monday, 5 September 2011

The power of friendship

On my last morning in Aghios Nikolaos Crete, I was up and out early - devouring the sites, sounds and smells of my beloved " other" home, one last time.  Filling the crevasses of my being to overflowing to sustain me through until my next visit - whenever that may be. The only other people I met were two Yia Yias (grandmothers) holding hands, walking down to the Port.

Watching them, I sensed a powerful friendship.
A friendship of old souls. 
Like my friendship with the island,its spirit and its people.


  1. You and I, waiting for the SPECIAL BUS. XXX
    A picture really does tell 1000 words.

  2. Frani ....You have a God given talent that needs to be shared far more widely than by a few friends - The two yia yias sisters were so beautifully captured and it was kinda surreal - they stroll arm in arm along the promenade every evening and pass me by as I stand handing out brochures...slightly more fragile and bent and as lovely as ever -
    All love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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