Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Everything in life is art....

 a swim on a hot summer's day

.... an unexpected frame 

.... the geometry of design

.... late afternoon shadows 

.... sun-bleached colours 

.... what you choose to wear

.... a bird's eye view

.... a child's wooden boat

.... an old stone wall

.... a sleeping beauty

.... the luminescence of a flower

.... the way you wear your hat

.... the wind in your sails

.... and the simplicity of line

It's life
It's art


  1. Frannie, this is exquisite - your photos & words always make my day richer!! xx

  2. Thank you Amanda - have a lovely day. F x

  3. Your photographs are wonderful. I so enjoy your commenting over at my place, and I am happy to know you. xx's

  4. Thank you and likewise - I am loving this community.
    F x

  5. Ciao Francesca,
    So great to meet you over at my blog, I love your images and the thought behind them. I also love photography, travel and life! The little hand made boats are gorgeous. Looks like we have much in common,
    look forward to following along with your postcards...
    ciao Lisa

  6. Thank you Lisa - so good to be in touch.

  7. More wonderful images and words. How many shades of blue are there - I often wonder - you have certainly discovered many. One of the hand-made Greek caiques hangs from the old wooden beams in this french farmhouse - reminding me of Crete and you. Much love Balepy

  8. Thank you Baleby - it was a magical time and place. xx


I love reading your comments - so please feel free to add something. Thank you! F x


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