Friday, 21 October 2011

My little unkempt garden

.... where cobwebs waltz in the breeze

.... whilst wild daisies sing in chorus on the rocks

....and dragonflies rest with Air Fern wings

.... and where hearts sprout wings of love

....and angels lie on the green

.... where Nodding Violets nest in baby gumboots

.... and Cretan goats' bells await a passing breeze or the odd stray goat

.... and Oregano spills from a water jug

.... these are some of the things that I love,
and live in my little unkempt garden!

© 2011 Francesca Muir


  1. I think I would love to explore your garden, Francesca! The spiderweb shot is fabulous, and I especially love the little blue wellies, and the oregano - forever a reminder of Greece for me.

  2. Thank you Karen - is it SO unkempt and is my little patch of Greece in Sydney. In summer the herbs grow wild in their pots and I can't wait for this to happen again this year. Will photograph them when then flourish. F x

  3. Just as I remember your tiny patch of magic - I continue to remain wordless at your gift for capturing perfection in tiny detail. Beautiful photographs - love Balepy

  4. Thank you Baleby - s'agapow polli xx


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