Monday, 17 October 2011

An October-fest of festivals, fairs and markets

.... where coconut shell beads speak my 'colourful' language

.... and Neplese fashion hangs to attention


 .... where fresh orange juice is the drink of the day

.... and little girl's dresses mimic fairy floss

 .... where Chinese dolls face the crowd

.... and the eyes have it

.... where love hangs in the air

 ....and freshly baked bread sits under dappled light

.... where Eco-friendly Nettle scarves beckon on bamboo

 .... and the energy from the Hip-Hop boys is contagious

 .... where the artist and his little subject sit intently in the shade

.... and you can choose from Jute hats on pegs

.... to Trilby's and sun hats stacked in rows

.... where dogs find the cool in the midday sun

.... while African Bolga baskets swing in the breeze

.... and French market baskets stack a shady floor

It's a time to reflect ....

and revel in the touch of the sun on winter skin....
.... Summer is not far away!

© 2011 Francesca Muir

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