Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Vintage Girl

My 15-year old pride and joy has just re-decorated her bedroom in a vintage theme using her precious collections, family photographs and lots of imagination!

.... vintage pages from her favourite Etsy shops are framed in a variety of old and new frames from her favourite Op Shops 

.... bracelets adorn a wooden tree and paperwork is filed in 
vintage-style suitcases

....the rings on her fingers, otherwise live in an old teacup!

....old books found after happy hours searching through garage sales

....miniatures live in unexpected places

.... and vintage buttons sit snugly in a red frame

.... pages from a favourite old, but badly torn children's book are re-cycled and made into colourful bunting... for we could never throw away "Harry the Dirty Dog"!

... a reproduction French puppy clock finishes her vintage look

.... she was born with beautiful eyes

.... and she has a beautiful eye!

© 2011 Francesca Muir


  1. She certainly has beauty in all its aspects and will always have it where-ever she goes - plus an accommodating, creative and loving mother. Delightful images thank you - Balepy

  2. Thank you - Grandmother's genes. xx

  3. Frannie, you never cease to amaze me with these - & now I am once again amazed by your stunning Alexandra!!!

  4. Wow. Love you talented women!xxx

  5. Thank you - I am blessed - she is a gem and clever to boot! F xx

  6. Hey Fran - could she come over here and style my girls rooms too?? Cheers, Kaye

  7. The room looks amazing Alex and so are your photos Fran! Happy Holiday's - Paula

  8. Thank you Paula - Happy Holidays to you too and stay warm. F & A x


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