Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A hand-made and rustic

A hand-made rustic Christmas reindeer (thank you Paper Runway) is very happy roaming amongst the little wooden trees on my sideboard

A collection of identical free postcards from my local cafe (thank you Avantcard) are framed in cardboard and literally strung up over the fireplace with coloured wooden pegs

Co-ordinate paper, ribbon, handmade gift tags and decorations to make gifts visually gorgeous!

Add a red ribbon and red decoration to dress up plain brown or artist's paper - stunning!

I put items of jewellery in cotton bags adorned with wooden angels - so cute!

Handmade gift tags with Christmas ribbon is the perfect finish

If you don't want to hang your decorations, glue them onto wooden pegs and then peg them up for a change

My summer fireplace is full of fresh hydrangeas and bamboo rice baskets from Thailand...

and hanging overhead....

.... a rustic Noel to you!

© 2011 Francesca Muir


  1. Confession not a Christmas decoration in sight at my place as yet!! You look like you are going to have a wonderful time.....
    Carla x

  2. What a feast of colour and ideas! Delightfully imaginative and redolent of the distant past when we made most of our decorations and all our own cards. Something home-made with love and creativity (however simple) at Christmas means so much more than a commercial product. Lots of love from us in France.

  3. These are just gorgeous, ours have been up for a while and each one is special to me. I was just telling a friend on fb who is worried about not having much money for gifts this year that she could create a personal gift that would be perfect and then I saw your post!!
    I just love Christmas
    ciao lisa

  4. Hello and a merry christmas, Just found you,
    The kitten heade5r is darling and love the ideas,
    yvonne drop over and be a follower

  5. So many lovely ideas - I love the wooden angel -so cute!

  6. How not love the handmade touch ? :-) the paper reindeer is very sweet. Enjoy your Christmas preparations Francesca ! Am a bit late this year, i usually make pomanders and haven't made one yet!

    ps : thank you for your lovely words about the studio tea party xo

  7. We had a couple of deer grazing at the edge of our wood last night; about twenty feet from the house; so, Rustic Tennessee it indeed is; wishing y'all a Merrie Christmas & a Happy New Year

  8. Go luv....I love your photos!!

  9. You are so clever! xxxxx

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments - I love this time of year when anything and everything goes! Have a fun week - I am going to!

  11. It was time for some good old hand-made Christmas packages. Too much glitter & gold this year. I want to keep it simple & realistic. Well done !!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - I'm sure I'll be visiting you again!


  13. Frannie, you've never changed. So clever, so artistic and so passionate. Gorgeous person!!! xx


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