Friday, 27 April 2012

Bali shopping

The ingenuity of the shop fitters in Bali was amazing.
I marvel at their creativity and craftsmanship, for there I found things I have never seen anywhere before.

This light fitting in a fashion shop uses a collection of vintage tumblers.  
Some were wired with bulbs and others just used as decoration

This lamp is some three metres tall - and works!  The beautifully crafted
lamp base is made from local Javanese timber and the lamp shade is made from linen.  It features in an exclusive boutique where the clothes are as beautiful as the decor! 

A tall ugly ceiling is transformed by ornately carved vintage
 wooden door panels

Paul Smith's familiar colours and stripes are cleverly added to his latest shop decoration. There's one in every shop (and there are many) in Bali.

The opulence of Morocco complete with a Buddha in the centre of every table made this a very welcome warung - place to eat

Love the wallpaper.
 I felt as if I had stepped into a library as we shopped for white cotton and linen dresses! 
I could have bought half a dozen books too!

There are sooooo many shops in Bali and to  
further entice, some create fabulous wall murals. 
Got me every time.
I will always walk into a shop with a great mural....

.... or simply a beautiful water feature!

Taken with iPhone


  1. Loved the murals - loved everything about it - dreamy photos well done - love you Mum

  2. Lovely stuff and fun to see! Great pictures as well, Francesca!


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