Monday, 25 June 2012

The watery world of Livadeia

The sound of water ....

 That's all I could hear

The cool, clear, crystal sound of water ....

.... running, trickling and gurgling

as it meandered, swam, and gushed its way

through, round, betwixt and between 

the little waterfalls, stone bridges and old mills

of the ancient city of Livadeia

To say this is a sanctuary, a haven, a retreat ....

.... of cool blues, moss greens and sandstone crystal waters glistening in the midday sun

would be an understatement! 


  1. Francesca, where is this? I don't know this city. Should I look it up? Love you....

  2. Oops sorry - should have written it in the text - it's in Central Greece - I visited it on my way back from Delphi - just so gorgeous and cool. I can still hear the water back in Australia! Fx

  3. What a beautiful and peaceful place you found Francesca! I would love to wander here with you!

  4. Magic Carpet take me there. IMMEDIATELY.
    Belinda xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. When did you go there? I missed it for some inexplicable reason but through your words and superb photos I realise I didn't miss it at all. V xx


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