Thursday, 13 September 2012

Life on the road to Ubud

The road to Ubud is extremely busy!

From sun up to sundown, 

people go about their daily chores by foot or by bike.

 I spied the egg man with his fresh fetch of the day ....

.... the cheery soul taking his not-so-cheery daughter to school

.... the man carrying a basket of offerings on his head 
(The fact that he was a pillion passenger was all the more impressive)

.... the gentle-faced basket weaver carrying his wares to the market

.... and the schoolboy with a cheeky grin

Greeting motorbike riders through the car window was de rigeur!

and seated side-saddle, the female pillion passengers and their wares managed admirably

It was indeed a busy trip to Ubud!


  1. Such character captured in their faces and the smiles are so so beautiful!! Has been so long since I have been to Bali busting to get back there.
    Carla x
    So looking forward to meeting in Dec so exciting :)

    1. Thank you Carla - you are right - they all have such interesting faces and are generally very happy and happy to greet you with a smile. It was a joy going off the main roads and meeting them in their little villages and seeing them go about their daily lives. See you in December. F x

  2. Life is colorful in the streets Francesca.

    1. Thank you Costas - indeed colourful and overall very happy. Have a lovely weekend F

  3. Wow! your trip to Indonesia seems to have been very good. Such lovely real life pictures of the people, the street scenes, it was as if I was there with you, all the time.

    1. Thank you Rama - it was a fantastic trip and we made sure we spent time in the mountains visiting little villages. More to come! Have a good weekend F

  4. What an adventure. Thank you very much for this happiness. Please have a good Friday.

  5. Ubud wow!haven't been to indonesia for years, hope to get to Surabaya next year for my uncle's birthday, and to Ubud for the literary festival! That would be great. This looks like a thoughtful, busy trip xcat

  6. Your portraits are always a delight. I'd LOVE to do drive by shooting with you one day my dear.

  7. What a gorgeous reflection of a beautiful people. Gentle souls and mysterious smiles. Just love the last one with you in the mirror!
    see you in December
    love lisa


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