Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Cretan potter

Day in and day out she pottered around her little shed 
Creating pieces of magic amidst the dust and clay
Her pottery was unique
Plates, bowls and jugs with scenes of rustic houses ....
wayward chickens strutting their arrogant stuff ....
and olive patterns in green and black .... 

But my favourite were her flowers,
Swirls, whirls and splashes of paint
in gentle, muted and frosted colours

Sadly, her magic is no more
for she was the last of the Fortetsa Potters
But she still lives in my house....
on my table and in my kitchen
And how I love the memory of the Cretan potter 
who lived on a dusty road 
And I how would give anything to visit her again.

© 2012 Francesca Muir 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Robert - she was a joy to visit - which I did regularly. F

  2. The sentiments and the shots are beautiful. You really do capture a mood don't you? Well done PJ xx

    1. Thank you - do you recall visiting her? Fx

  3. I just love the image of the potter, what a treasure she is.
    ciao lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa - unfortunately no one around to replace her - a past never to be re-visited. See you soon. Fxx

  4. I share your sentiments and the pottery - lovely to be reminded again of those days thank you. Love

    1. Thank you Mum - I still lovingly think of the times we rummaged though her little room full to the brim with her "pragmata" Fxx

  5. A true artisan and how blessed you are to have her still with you in your home! Such an amazing pic capturing the true essence of this wonderful woman....beautiful post Francesca
    Carla x

  6. Thank you Carla - never a day goes by when I don't use something from her little pottery nook. And yes they break - but I just glue them back together again! F xx


I love reading your comments - so please feel free to add something. Thank you! F x


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