Sunday, 4 November 2012

Red tables and chairs

The harsh Cretan sun forces her way through the rough rattan roof
hastily hoisted as a pretense of shade

 Her dappled light reflects through, bouncing off stone floors and walls 
and pristine-white tablecloths ....

.... creating shadows on shadows on shadows is her daily form

 and inside or outside, 
this dappled delight is a favourite cool retreat

at any one of the many red tables and red chairs.


  1. Francesca, once again I say that you have captured the spirit of Crete so well.
    Have a nice week.
    PS. Have you seen "my" bridges of northern Greece?

  2. How divine, if only we could create this in our own backyard.
    A G&T for me please, oh and don't skimp on the lime.
    much love
    Belinda x

  3. So perfect a postcard of Crete. I love this series of photos. . .it makes me 'homesick' for my favorite island on earth.

  4. Wonderful colours indeed.

    Please have a good new week ahead.

  5. On this cold and dark Paris morning you have transported me to one of my favourite destinations, dreaming of delicious seafood and yearning for the warmth underneath the rattan roof! I have started Greek lessons Francesca wish me luck hahah!
    Carla x

  6. I'll join Belinda and you with a g&t sitting at one of those bright tables in the slanting sunlight and shadows. Superb photos. Love

  7. Hi Francesca, I've never been to Crete, but I must say it reminds me of where I live down here on the south coast of NSW a place called Jervis Bay- and right now I feel very spoilt to have somewhere as beautiful as crete on my door step for free- tre blessed! xxCorrina.

  8. Wonderful photographs and I wish that I could be sitting at one ofthose red tables eating fish and drinking something cold. We have just returned from Rome where it was 80F ...... it's freezing here in the UK !!
    ..... and, thanks for your lovely comment today Francesca. XXXX

  9. How delightful! You are really making me crave my Corsican summer holiday. I love the islands, the sun on tablecloths, the rattan roofs, the warm winds and early morning swims. Thanks for this - in tights and boots over here! Xcat

  10. Fantastic photos Francesca. I'd love to go and escape and spend some time there.


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