Thursday, 10 January 2013

If walls could speak

If walls could speak
they'd speak in whispers

of sad tales of orphans and delinquent girls lost

of convicts with gunpowder, quarrying stone
and prison views across the bay

of warehouses on water 
and winds which whistle down the Heads. 

They'd speak of Ship Builders and Joiners' shops

and of utter isolation and decay.

Of dark light pushing through

...of lonely gulls waiting for a mate

... and of freedom, broken by iron bars.

If walls could speak 
they'd echo broken spirits and endless summer days

followed by desolate nights.

They'd tell of tattered hearts amongst navy ships and dark shadows

... and of walls...
walls of sandstone
walls of brick
walls of iron 
walls of wood.

But walls don't speak here,

For you see ...

 it's all plainly written on their faces.

© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. WOW, what an amazing series of photographs and powerful words. Masterful job F.

  2. Brilliantly portrayed.. I felt its despair and loss.. thank you F, for time you took with your amazing photography, and the beautiful words you selected so wisely for each image.. amazing.. Well done! x j

    1. Thank you Jean and Virginia - it is an amazing place with ghosts on ghosts on ghosts! I am always moved when I visit it. F xx

  3. Beautiful sandstone and what stories these walls and bars tell. Where is it? You are making me harbour-sick again! Xcat

    1. Oh Cat so sorry - It's Cockatoo Island a short ferry trip from the Quay - it's beautiful but I find it very haunting! Love from a sweltering Sydney xx

  4. I am not familiar with Sydney...where is this?

    1. Debra it's Cockatoo Island - next time you are in Sydney I will take you there - worth the short ferry trip. Keep cool. F x

  5. I think we both hear the whispers Fran and feel the soul x
    beautiful post xx
    ciao lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa - I do believe we do! Hope you have a better week. Fxx

  6. Great photos and lovely post, Francesca!


I love reading your comments - so please feel free to add something. Thank you! F x


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