Friday, 1 March 2013

The Music in Me

Round, like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
The music in my mind plays on 
Painting pictures that only I can see.

It's the drumming of my fingers.
The rhythm in my ears.
The movement in my head
And the beat at the door to my soul

My feet don't stop.
 Can't stop.
Moving to syncopated times. 
Tap tap tapping the tune.

The music in me soars and dives 
Whispering sweet tones
Of a pastorale life
Always sharing her melodic journey

It's the voice at its purest.
Lilting, crooning, raising the roof.
Caressing my being.
Tearing my heart

It's the tickling of ivory.
A plectrum striking a chord.
The breath of a flute in the wind.
A segue to unbearable sadness that is the cello

A collection of notes on page.
Like a charm of magpies
Perched unevenly on parallel bars
Innocuous, until playing together.

For only then it begins.
An arpeggio, cadenza, sonata, concerto...
A prelude...
Echoes within the sounds of silence.


  1. Beautiful pictures and poetry, Francesca!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Eva - hope you have a lovely weekend. X

  2. Inspired (once again) by your musical post ie. just resurrected some ancient classical CD's ... and have them playing in the background. thank you Fran x J

    1. Thank you Jann and so happy that it's inspired you to listen to some oldies - they are the best aren't they? have a lovely weekend F xx

  3. Fantastic shots honey. Love it x

  4. You capture a beautiful tune and many happy musical memories. Love

  5. Music is so essential in this house too. Sometimes it's a fight to get to the piano! And I also have a son who composes electronic so there is always something going on. Perhaps that's why I like silence - the music in my mind - when I'm in my own. Xcat

  6. I know what you mean - here I have flute and piccolo and singing - so joyous xx


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