Friday, 17 May 2013

The blue table

There is a round blue table
Which follows me around

And appears when I least expect it!
Small and squat

And painted iconic Greek blue,
She is warm and inviting

And her legs are uneven
Threatening spillage at the most awkward of times

As she attempts to straddle uneven paths and balconies.
But never mind, ‘tis a mere bagatelle

For she is like an old friend
And I am always so happy to see her

As I greet her fondly…
And sit beside her smiling quietly to myself.

For simplicity is the key

To this little blue table

...which follows me everywhere!

© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Nothing captures Greece in my mind better than those small blue tables, as they and their blue chairs conjure up memories of blue flower pots, blue skies, blue water and the ubiquitous contented cats. Lovely.
    xoxo J.

    1. Thank you both - carry those memories with you, for every time you see that blue you will be transported back. Such wonderful happy memories. Fxx

  2. What a blue! Divine! Dreaming of a view like that Xcat

  3. It sings to me Cat - it is so joyous. We MUST meet there - 2015 maybe?
    F x

    1. Yes!! Though hopefully I'll come to Sydney before then. A weird summer here and I fear I'll be missing my Corsican camping holiday because of Book 2! X

  4. Oh yes, THE beautiful blue table - we've just given ours a new coat of bright blue paint. I was sad to see British Racing car green ones on sale this week though! Wonderful photos. Jx

  5. Lovely photos, and post, as always Francesca!

  6. So nice. It looks cool.
    The beautiful blue table and the decorative stuff compliments the surroundings. The three cats are lucky to be there enjoying :)


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