Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Cretan Cats

Σκουπίδια (Skoupidia meaning Rubbish in Greek)  
came to me in the night.
Walking home one evening I heard a kitten in the garbage bin.
The rest is history!
Bookmarks Ασπρούλη and Ασβεστη in the gardens of Villa Olga  
(Asprouli means Whitey and Asvesti means Lime, as in the lime used 
to whitewash Greek houses)
 Κόκκινο (Kokkino means red) was named after my 
absolute favourite Greek songs of all time... 
Red Carnation 
sung by Yiannis Parios and Haris Alexiou
Ασπρούλη in her favourite place in the garden.
Δελφοί (Delphi) and one of her many siestas!

© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. Oh Francesca, you melted my heart with these photos. We often talk/dream/think about buying a place in Greece and spending a portion of our lives there. My one fear is that I will adopt a 'bizzillion' cats and then not be able to leave them when it comes time to leave each year.

  2. Adorable cats and photos - not to mention memories. Jackie has said it all - we know about leaving our cats don't we? Love

  3. What a lovely and cute crowd! I have "only" two kitties ; I could have more if I had more place.

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous and just totally gorgeous each and every one. xx
    ciao lisa

  5. Gorgeous cats! Such cute pics :)

  6. Oh dear I swore off cats. You know? And then the female I was convinced was a male, well, had kittens. That's what happened last year too. So I am a reluctant cat mother. Forever probably. These images are beautiful, and remind me why I appreciate their undemanding and restful presence. But the mice they bring to the front door! xxcat


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