Monday, 16 September 2013

A treasury of terracotta

Home is an ancient olive grove
Where pots pile high to age under a harsh Cretan sun.
Some sit upright as if silently guarding the island’s labyrinth

Whilst others lie exhausted like flies after the rains
Discarded like old toys
Tossed on a heap. Forgotten.

Refined shaped clay.
Fired baked earth.
A treasury of terracotta.

Thrapsano’s unique ode on a Grecian urn!

© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. You are awaking pleasant old memories to me Francesca...
    Thank you..!!

  2. Looks like heaven to me. I love piles and stacks.
    Sending a big hug, Francesca!

  3. Oh my! On this gray Monday morning I was wishing I was in Crete and then I found your post -- for a brief times, I WAS in Crete. Thanks you!

  4. I would love to have one of those terracotta pots - they are lovely.

  5. wow, that is quite a collection, I would love some of those lovely pots!

  6. they can come and guard my garden anytime x
    ciao lisa

  7. I wonder if Thrapsano still exists? A visit is a must if it is to explore once again those stunning pots. Love.


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