Friday, 11 July 2014

Winter fruit

An icy snow-bitten wind snaps at the fronds of the Monstera Deliciosa…
The Fruit Salad Plant…
Particularly apt here as its shredded leaves frame a pyramid of limes basking in the winter sun

Where bitter sweet kumquats glow and patiently wait to be marmalade

As a tumble of pomegranates masquerade as camellias

And ever-delicious expats from the tropics grasp at strands of sunshine

as they happily nestle in a rust bucket.

Then there are the South American tree tomatos… tantalising tamarillos,

And the citrus queen

beckoning to be juiced.

And finally the blushing corella pear and the ornamental cabbage flower sit silently in the shade, 
waiting for a hint of warmth.

And all this is just at the entrance to the Café.

If this is what’s on the outside on a bright winter’s day in Sydney,
Imagine what lies within?

Frannie xx     

© 2014 Francesca Muir


  1. Take me to it and let's find out! Divine is the right word from above. Love

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous, we are eating apricots, raspberries, and have beans growing on our plants under the's been a rainy summer boo hiss xxx

  3. Nothing like home-grown produce Lisa - the there's such a sense of achievement - tending the soil, the growing process, bearing fruits and then to the kitchen to be cooked. Delicious - Enjoy. F xx


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