Thursday, 18 September 2014

With the wisdom of Athena's owl

 Be off my wonderful, fine Friend.

Cammeray, Sydney - Australia

Fly with the winds behind you,

Sydney Harbour -  Australia

the sun over you

Cremorne Point, Sydney - Australia

and the world at your feet.

Oia, Santorini - Greece

Take with you my love,

 Vienna - Austria
My admiration 

Oia, Santorini - Greece

My heart.

Cooktown - Australia

Dance your dance of life...

Bali - Indonesia

Smile your smile of light…

Sydney Harbour - Australia

And give your glowing heart.

Church Point, Sydney - Australia

And with the wisdom of Athena’s owl...

Oia, Santorini  - Greece

Fly high

Bali - Indonesia

Fly safe

Bali - Indonesia

Fly free

Bondi Beach, Sydney - Australia

Fly wise.

Melk -  Austria

Spread your wings

Mosman, Sydney - Australia

And find your special place.

Rome - Italy

Travel with my love,

Central Park, New York - USA


Mavrikiano, Crete - Greece

For My Girl
on her 
Graduation Day
Thursday September 18, 2014
Mama     xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Mem - changes ahead and we're both ready for them - I think! F xx

  2. I have tears in eyes .. How lovely , cute, strong ...and full of love !!

    1. Thank you Malyss... it's such a big change for us both - exciting times ahead. Fx

  3. Oh Francesca, This brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosepimples. Such a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful young woman!

    1. Thank you - that she is and I am so proud. Love to you both F xx

  4. Oh you literally made my skin tingle, such an exquisite post full of love.
    Beautiful both of you, and I imagine the day my own girl will spread her wings and take flight,
    what a gift of love you have, so touching, beautifully shared xxx

  5. Thank you Lisa - cherish the days you have as they grow up so fast... The Abba song "Slipping through my fingers" as seen in the film Mamma Mia has never been so relevant as now - though she's not getting married! Love to you and your gorgeous girl... hold onto the days - good and bad and just keep working on creating wonderful, happy memories. Baci F xx

  6. Playing catchup Fran. Lisa's spot on with the "Slipping Through my Fingers" reference. Makes me leak every time I see it. A gorgeous celebration of a young life about to take flight. Hope the HSC goes smoothly. xx


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