Friday, 31 October 2014

Iconically Australian...

At exactly 33.89S and 151.27E you will have reached your destination!


Iconically Australian and delightfully quirky...

  ...welcome to The Grounds by the Sea...  

A Pop-Up Cafe in Marks Park  and The Grounds of Alexandria's Baby sister,

It's where comfort is paramount...

And unfortunately, NOT for sale!

It's where refreshments entice amidst the sandy bric-a-brac

And just around the corner, is the Pick Up joint...

... for sumptious snacks and exotic drinks 
served by staff schooled in the Basil Fawlty tradition!

Then take a pew...

Under the clothes line...

Amidst wodden pegs and underwear...

As you watch the sun slowly sink into the warm earth

Or if you prefer a more muted sky...

Sit at the front overlooking Bondi Beach

And a ubiqutous lone pine.

The Grounds by the Sea is surely grounds for permanency?

(This pop-up cafe is a welcome respite and part of  Sculpture By the Sea 2014)

Frannie xx     

© 2014 Francesca Muir


  1. And don't forget, momentarily smack dab in the midst of 106 (?) sculptures with Sculpture by the Sea! Love the clothes line!

    1. Oh Marg - thank you how silly of me! I have now added the link to Sculpture by the Sea! Thank you! F x

  2. Just lovely Fran! LOVE the pics and your words :-)

    1. Thank you Mem... it was such a lovely surprise at the top of the hill. We all signed a petition to have it as a permanent cafe. Fingers crossed. fxx

  3. Beautiful words and pics Francesca. Love the muted sky clothes line shot and the Bra shot too!!

  4. Thank you Germana - it's a classic isn't it... so quirky and clever! Fxx

  5. Wow! What an amazing narrative with just a few well-taken shots. These photos do capture Australia as a whole especially the beach which is the main attraction in various Australian cities. These photos do bring back beautiful memories too that will be cherished for eternity.


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