Friday, 23 September 2011

Peacocks at the Cradle of Minoan Civilization - Knossos, Crete

I never get used to the sad cry of the peacocks at Knossos, no matter how many times I visit.  The haunting "mow, mow" echoes through the Bronze Age Minoan Palace like a child lost

The fact that they live at Knossos is no surprise - for they have lived there for centuries. Even the Minoan wall painting of the Prince of Lilies (dated 1600-1500 BC.) features his diadem decorated with lilies and adorned with peacock feathers

This peacock was not keen to be photographed, so very serenely turned and walked the other way....

© 2011 Photography by Francesca Muir


  1. Beautiful photos Frannie, amazing to be able to get so close.
    One of the nicest backends I have seen in a long time.
    Love Belinda XX

  2. I visited Vitlycke in Tanum last week and one of the Bronze Age figures reminded me of Minoan bull leapers. However, there were no peacocks.


  3. Francesca - superb photos, word pictures and sentiments. There
    certainly were peacocks at Knossos years ago when I was working with a
    dig at the Palace and they roosted in the surrounding trees at night,
    flying down in the mornings most clumsily, often landing badly and
    calling to one another. I agree their plaintive cries touch a chord in
    ones soul - are they recalling some dark tragedy in the Minoan past I
    wonder? I love reading and seeing your postcards - keep it up. Love from Balepy.

  4. Thank you for your comments - I love hearing from happy readers. F x

  5. And the peacocks were still there earlier this month when we visited Knossos. You are correct about that haunting call of theirs as it re-echos across the countryside. . .beautiful post - so much more meaningful having just been there. J.


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