Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Your Postcard from my kitchen table

It must be Christmas time again!
© 2011 Francesca Muir


  1. Shall we say Creative Chaos?
    Belinda xx

  2. Francesca I love your table, it makes me want to come over and start making something! I've been helping with the Christmas craft stall group at school and love it! You must show us what you make!
    ciao lisa

  3. Can you believe it? It came so quickly this year. Wishing you a happy season, Francesca.

  4. I'd say a mixture of gorgeous and organised chaos, love it!
    I'll be getting my decorations, cards and bits and pieces out on the weekend...I need to get my house ready for the party season! I'm hosting drinks the following weekend and some more friends will be dropping in the week after and will have more drinks/gatherings before and after xmas! All very exciting but scary too!
    Have a lovely day Francesca xo

  5. I am so behind!! Your table puts me to shame.... xv

  6. Thank you - it's organised chaos - no room to eat, but lots of room to create and make lovely things in between working, last few weeks of school term mayhem, music and ballet concerts, Christmas shopping and walking Milo of course. I MUST remember to breathe! F xx


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