Friday, 2 December 2011

My local shops in December

I love the flair, creativity, colour and occasional sense of whimsey the local shop keepers have employed in putting together their December shop windows.

One of the best bookshops around Pages and Pages features a favourite - 
"Chasing a Dream" by Carla Coulson

Hydrangeas, poinsettias and Christmas wreaths tumble onto the street at The Floral Craftsman 


And The Cheese Man has a particularly interesting view on the month of December!


© 2011 Francesca Muir taken with my iPhone 4


  1. Fabulous images Francesca, love them all! I recently won a copy of Carla's book with a comment I left at her blog. It is just glorious and I am just savoring it. ciao and seasons greetings...Lisa

  2. Thank you Lisa - her book is lovely in every way - the photos, her writing, and the layout - as you say glorious. Have a good week Ciao F x

  3. Gosh I love your photos of the gorgeous flowers! Are the displays in the window (the ones with the cheeses) - are they all able to be eaten? If so that is so amazing!
    Came here via Lisa from Renovating Italy!


  4. Hi Lisa - thank you for dropping by and for your comments. The window displays in the cheese shop are not edible and I believe made by a local artist. They are amazing. Enjoy your week. Francesca

  5. Gorgeous, Frannie!! Love the Holy Jesus/cheeses!!! xx

  6. This is my friend Carla's book. She is soooooo talented and a wonderful girl. The Kevin Bacon theory in action!!!!

  7. How fun to see this bookshop with Carla's book lined up. She must be thrilled. Your cheese man sure has some cheese-y decorations!

  8. How gorgeous, love the shop fronts and carla's book all lined up. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too xx Corrina


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