Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I Dream of Adrakos

 When I dream,
I dream of a view....

....  of throwing open red shutters and walking onto a little balcony

 .... to watch the sunrise

 .... then laze around a mirror-pool


 .... before plunging into a spa with the same view

I dream of wandering around a garden gallery....

 .... of sleeping cats 

and eating cats

 .... of shards of pottery on an old Cretan wall

and Minoan pots as sentinels

I dream of trees heavy with olives
and hibiscus reaching for the sun

.... of artistic rooks and crannies

of framed terracotta ....

and tin pots tinted blue ....

But most of all,

I dream of Venetian door knockers

which lead me back to the view.

But my dream is just that .... a dream!
For hidden in a little corner of Eastern Crete is
where all this and more abounds.
It is my escape
It is my little piece of heaven on earth
It is my dream come true,  
Thanks to Kostas and his Grandfather Adrakos.


  1. Thank you Francesca for taking me back to Crete with your dreamy photographs.

  2. Thank you Costa - the place seems to resonate with so many. Francesca

  3. What beautiful images of this part of Crete, Francesca, and, it looks as if it's a little off of the beaten track and not the usual tourist destination.....just my sort of place !!
    ....and, many thanks for your lovely comment. XXXX

  4. Jacqueline - you would love it - run by a charming Cretan family - it's a MUST when you travel to Easter Crete! F x

  5. Oh I'm so glad I scrolled down and found this post I had missed. Costas is right, t he photographs are dreamy. I would so love to see this place. Thank you for sharing,

  6. Virginia this is THE most wonderful spot to completely relax and unwind - its beauty is astounding! Thank you also for your comment on The Colours of My Life... as you find red in your life - I too have a need to find colour in mine - mostly oranges and reds - which I also wear most of the time! They give me such a lift. F x


I love reading your comments - so please feel free to add something. Thank you! F x


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