Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sydney with Instagram

The Ibis have embraced inner city living with gusto, particularly in Hyde Park

Perched on a bin in the park is by far the best place to watch little people play a game of giant chess 

The beautiful bronzed Theseus slays the Minotaur 

Lose track of time at the  Art Gallery of NSW where exhibitions from around the world abound

A casual stroll through The Royal Botanic Gardens
unearths the extraordinary and the beautiful. 
Hardly surprising given that it is THE centre for plant conservation and research

Walking through the Domain and Gardens leads to 
the one and the only 

.... and the Quay

Walk all over the city at Customs House
for it houses a large scale model of Sydney's CBD
viewed through the glass floor

....whilst the entrance to this historic building features 
the iconic Meander 

 Sydney's first water supply, the The Tank Stream still silently runs under the city. 
A bronze fountain at the Quay is dedicated 
 ‘to all the children who have played around the Tank Stream’ 

The bright face of Sydney
reflects its history around every corner and on every building

© 2012 Francesca Muir


  1. Beautiful photos of our beautiful city, Frannie! xx

  2. Thanks for the Sydney tour Francesca, one of my favourite things losing time at exhibitions, weather looks fab and so does the city in your pics!
    Thanks so much for your kind kind words about my blog makeover I appreciate your opinion and time to drop in and comment.

    Carla x

    1. Thank you Carla - I had forgotten how beautiful the city is - I always see it from across the harbour (in itself a beauty!), so it was a joy to re-discover so many things the other day when taking visitors around. We are blessed - or should I now say "expensively" blessed as Sydney has just reached No 9 in the list of most expensive cities in the world! Loving your new blog F x

  3. I just love this city! Thanks Fran x


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