Sunday, 1 April 2012

The art of the Greek fishing boat

A caïque (GREEK: καΐκιkaiki, from TURKISH: kayık ), is the term for a traditional fishing boat  found in the waters of the Ionian and Aegean Seas


Traditionally it's a small wooden trading vessel, brightly painted and rigged for sail

Most caïques are painted white to counter the powerful sun, with the strakes and topsides painted in vivid chromatic colors


The name of the boat is artistically painted or carved on a tablet on the planking below the bow

Each caïque is unique. 
Most are built from memory
and without plans

The bow post distinguishes the caïque from other 
Mediterranean working boats

Today the caïque is still used for fishing and trawling

And my favourite?
These little caïques made by
designer and artist


  1. Looking at the photos I miss islands and summer!

    1. Me too Olga - I have just had 2 weeks in Bali which has made up for all the rain we had in Sydney over summer. I yearn for a Greek summer. Soon I hope. F xx

  2. Hi Francesca,
    I really enjoyed looking at your photo's and the bridge ones from Sydney are also beautiful! I'm not at home this week, we are travelling, but I have a minute at a computer so had to check my blogs, glad I did, hope you enjoy the week and Easter, happy holidays!

    1. Thank you - have also been away for the last couple of weeks - happy and safe travels. F xx

  3. Found your blog through Travel 'n Write. I've always wondered how to pronounce Caique. Looks from the Greek word that it is KI-kee. Is that right?
    And I love love love the boat made by Elena Patakis. Many years ago we found a small shop in Athens where the woman artist made boats of drift wood from beaches all over Greece. Is this the same artist?

  4. Sorry, I got the name wrong--Eleni Patsaki


I love reading your comments - so please feel free to add something. Thank you! F x


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