Friday, 4 May 2012

Athenian love

.... the sun setting in an orange haze over the Saronic Gulf

.... glimpses of the Acropolis overhead

.... the harmony of the ancient, the old and the new

.... Corinthian, Ionic and even Doric

 .... sesame-crisp koulouria from a barrow in the Plaka

.... the blaze of colour at the bag shop 

 .... men playing Tavli in the smallest of spaces

 .... poppies at the Acropolis

 .... the Monastiraki Flea market on Sunday mornings

.... mouth-watering souvlaki at Thanasis 

.... a full moon rising above antennaed rooftops

.... "that Greek blue",  which seeps into my soul

Athens, despite your troubled times 
I love and miss these things about you!


  1. F,
    Between you and Costas, your photographs of Greece fill my soul. What a wonderful place. Your photos today are so rich in images and I can almost smell the good and hear the music.

  2. Thank you Virginia - it seeps into your soul and it's almost impossible to take a bad photo - the light and the colours are so extraordinary. F xx

  3. These are magical, especially love the one of the men playing the game. And don't underestimate yourself it takes a special eye to see and record these gorgeous details and give someone such a sense of place. xxx

  4. Thank you Lisa. Tavli (Greek Backgammon) means "board" in Greece and it is played anywhere and everywhere. They are passionate about it. F xx

  5. Hi Frannie,
    Especially love the poppies picture, it's perfect.
    Please tell me you know how to make kouloria, they look delicious.
    Belinda x

    1. Thank you Belinda - the best recipe can be found at Ana's blog
      Happy cooking - they are just delicious. F xx

  6. I love Greece - being British, it's easier to visit. I've been to Athens, Mykonos and Crete and would love to own a white-washed home on an island somewhere with views of the sea !
    It must have been fantastic to live there - but things are so bad there now aren't they, we get a lot of up dates in the UK, it's very worrying. I have one Greek blogger friend who seems to be ok at the moment, though she lives in Athens at the heart of it.
    Off to check out more of your blog x

    1. Hi Fiona - thank you for following. How lucky you are - such an easy and cheap trip to Greece (or anywhere in Europe for that matter!)from UK. Unlike here where it costs the earth to travel to Greece! I too dream of a white-washed house on a hill with sea views - Crete - Oia, Santorini - who knows where - as long as it's Greece. The band-aid solutions for Greece are such a worry. But I am sure she will pull through - rising like a phoenix - as she always has throughout history. If she doesn't - God help the rest of Europe! Enjoy your week. Francesca

  7. Beautiful photos. I especially like the sunrise (I'd love to sit on the bench) and the poppies at the Acropolis.
    Thanks for taking me there.
    I've never visited Athens, only some of the greek islands.
    Wish you a wonderful day.

    1. Mette you would love it - especially if you visit either side of summer when it's still warm, less crowded and the Greeks less frenetic. Thanks for following. Francesca

  8. ALL beautiful photos. for some reason my favorite is the colorful bag shop.

    1. It's one of mine too - they were all blowing in the wind and I couldn't resist them. Couldn't decide on just one either - so had to have three - an orange, a green and a turquoise! Fx

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Francesca. I feel the same way about Greece. I love its stark beauty - it brings on a rush of romantic fever in me. Economic problems and political mismanagement have cast an ugly shadow over the county, but I believe that somehow Greeks will manage a way out.
    Your photographs are incredibly beautiful. You have an amazing talent!

    1. Ana I really hope so - poor Greece. I love your comment "brings on a romantic fever in me" - I couldn't have put it better myself! Have a lovely day Francesca


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