Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bali offerings

I was captivated by the beauty and intricacy of design of the Bali Hindu offerings. Small hand-made baskets called canang sari are offered to the Gods three times a day
  The canang is a tray made from coconut or palm leaves, 
and the sari are the items placed on the trays

Filled with rice, flowers, sweets, biscuits and incense, these little baskets adorn the footpaths and shop fronts - sometimes so many it was like playing hop scotch with the traffic to avoid standing on them!

This daily ritual is their way of giving back what the Gods have given them.

It's a way of sharing their gratitude for the richness of their
lives - a way of appeasing the spirits and ensuring continued prosperity and good health.  

Glowing Marigolds are used extensively used in all their religious festivities

The saffron/orange colour signifies renunciation and is offered to God as a symbol of surrender. 

Hindus believe that dogs (Shvan) guard the doors of Heaven and Hell 

This little God Dog knew his place - guarding the entrance to his Heavenly temple.


  1. Beautiful, Frannie. xx

  2. Stunning photo's Frannie,
    Since our holiday I have burnt incense everymorning before leaving the house.
    Maybe I am subconsciously asking the gods to deliver me safely to my destination.
    Belinda xx

  3. Beautiful pictures.Would be visiting you often as you update, for I love travelogues and also pictures of different places. Btw, that was the place my daughter went for her honeymoon, she got married in India.
    Thanks for dropping bu and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog.
    Have a great day!

  4. Thank you Rama - I hope your daughter enjoyed her honeymoon on Santorini. I can't imagine a more romantic place for a honeymoon. Francesca

  5. Absolutely love your photographs Francesca! I have never been to Bali...I have a feeling someday, I will get there.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment always, so very much appreciated!
    Jeanne xx

    1. Thank you Jeanne - I am sure you will visit one day - now that you will be living in the neighbourhood. Thank you for comments - so glad they resonate. Enjoy your day Francesca xx

  6. What a lovely blog and stunning pictures!!!

    1. Thank you Phivos - great to have you on board! Have a good week Francesca

  7. I can't get over all this beauty ! I scrolled through all your Bali posts and I'm enamored...I've never been to seems so serene too me...
    Francesca, i also want to thank you for your lovely comment...I so appreciate!

    1. Thank you LaLa - it is a beautiful place and especially seen on the faces of the people - coming up in a post soon! Have a lovely day Francesca xx

  8. Another lovely post - I've been lucky enough to visit Bali too, and the temples with the colourful offerings are just so reminiscent. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Glad they brought back memories - it is such a special place - made all the better by the lovely gentle nature of the Balinese people. Have a great day Francesca xx


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