Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Art of the Geranium

dear sweet geranium
too often abandoned, unloved and underfed

you are the unsung hero of the Mediterranean
as you flourish and thrive on a breath of sunshine 
and hint of rain
your tenacity is admirable
as your colours flare outrageously, and 
your scent of lemon with a hint of pepper 
intoxicates as it reflects off a hot summer wall you grow in awkward spaces
co-ordinate with all you see
and you're designed to always look your best,
even as your petals fall
and if I were to say anything to you,
dear sweet geranium,  
it would be 
to always 
stand tall ....
for you are art
 .... pure art!


  1. OH; what a lovely tribute to those flowers! I love the colors here, perfect harmony with the wall. A nice post!

  2. Love the pink against that colored brick!

    1. Thank you - such an amazing contrast on a hot summer's day in Crete. F

  3. Wonderful colours indeed. Yes, they grow here, providing much needed happiness. Please have a good Thursday.

    1. Thank you Robert - I love that they grow SO well all over Greece. Iconic. Have a lovely weekend. F

  4. Beautiful composition! I like very much the antet, too:)

  5. Ah yes the geraniums we have known - lots of memories shared. Gorgeous images. Love


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