Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Addictive Blog Award

Oh my goodness ...
I am thrilled ...
I have been nominated for my first award ...

...thanks to the peripatetic and deliciously funny Catherine McNamara of 
The Divorced Lady's Companion to Italy
Cat is an Aussie girl who has travelled widely and who now resides in Italy.  She's extremely funny and has a wicked way with words... her book with the title of the same name, opens with the following:  
An old friend of mine named Jean fell through a tear in her marriage and landed on her feet.  
Enough said!
Grazie mille Cat  

I now need to tell you Why I Blog and nominate 10 blogs I am addicted to. 
I started blogging on Sunday, August 21, 2011.
I remember it so well.
My daughter was away on a school ski trip for a week
I was sorting through my Greek slides, negatives and photos and
was really frustrated that they just sat side-by-side as thumbnails on my computer.
I decided to give them an airing and write a blog - primarily for me, my family and friends.
About a week later I posted a story called The Lotus-Eaters of Santorini 
 - a story I was asked to write for a magazine, but which never eventuated thanks to the GFC!

Seeing it ‘published,’ albeit on my blog did it!
I was hooked and hungry.
Hooked on blogging and writing. Hungry to photograph again.
I found I became more observant of the little things in life, the hidden things, 
the simple things that I bypassed on so many occasions.
Blogging gave me "Me" time to create something I was passionate about.
It opened a whole new world to me.
A world of like-minded people.
Passionate, supportive people. 
Photographers, authors, writers, poets, bloggers, designers, cooks, travellers... all with a story to tell,
and all who have become wonderful cyber friends.
Some I have had the great pleasure to meet in person,
And others, I know I will meet one day.  

I must admit when I started I felt a little foolish and unsure as to what I was undertaking. 
But I had something I wanted to say and wanted to share.
So I persevered.
I soon discovered that blogging is about so much more.
It's about friendships, connections, joining the dots, vicarious travel, taking risks, honesty, memory, imagination, passion, creativity, writing and above all for me,
a renewed love of photography.

I now have the unenviable task of nominating 10 blogs out of the many blogs I am addicted to!
So I nominate, in no particular order, an Addictive Blog Award to the following:

Marg who dreams as I do at Destination Here and Now 
Lala who creates beautiful things at My Castle in Spain 
Carla, an inspiration and a gem at Carla Loves Photography 
Jeanne who leads an extraordinary life at Collage of Life 
Belinda for her tasty tidbits from Melbourne  at The Voice Behind My Door 
Millie who lives in paradise at Travel Notecards 
Claire who lives my kind of life at Claire Lloyd Loves 
Virginia who tantalises me daily at Paris Through My Lens
Costas who beautifully captures Greece at Nature Digital
Lisa, whose love of life is infectious at Renovating Italy
Award Rules:
Thank the person awarding you and link to their site. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started. Paste the blog award on your page. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award.
And in the words of Steve Jobs,
I wish for you all to

Have fun.
Francesca x


  1. Fran thanks so much for including Destination Here&Now in your faves. I often describe the blogging world to friends who are new it as being a bit like being thrown into an endless souq. You walk down one alley and see all these wonderful things then spy something else down another and off you go. So now you've given me yet another alley to explore - just what I need!! ;) I'm sure they will be worth a visit. Happy dreaming! xx

    1. Thank you Marg - and a pleasure and so good to know you. Looking forward to good things ahead! F x

  2. Love your award! And I can so relate to your description of blogging. Another most enjoyable post!

  3. If there is someone really worth getting this award Francesca, it is you.
    Your photographs of Greece and other places, are really unique and worth seeing.
    Congratulations and thank you for passing the award on to me.

    1. Thank you Costa - and likewise - your photos taken me back to Greece on a daily basis which I love - I live there vicariously through you! F

  4. Dearest Fran, firstly thank you for including me and I'm honored to be in such wonderful company. I treasure the friendships made through exploring 'blogging' and rediscovering my passions and yes especially photography. This is something that you always manage to give me each time I read one of your posts, that need to instantly go and pick up the camera and photograph something. What a beautiful gift you constantly give to me xxx

    1. Grazie Mille Lisa and I look forward to your wonderful adventure through your blog - and be prepared - I will be visiting. Ciao Bella F xx

  5. What a truly wonderful piece from a truly wonderful writer and photographer. So glad I've 'met' you Francesca xxxcat

    1. Cat what can I say? Thank you SO much and I can't wait to meet you one day - somewhere - and sooner rather than later I hope. Grazie Mille F xxx

  6. Kataplyktikos y kory mou with apologies for the spelling - a feather in your cap! Keep on blogging on. Love

  7. Hi there! I followed your link here from Nature Digital. I really like what I see and am now following! VERY nice photographs!

    1. Welcome Pat and thank you so much for following me over here - I have big boots to fill coming from Costas! F

  8. Congratulations Francesca! Lovely post as well and I agree with you about blogging!
    Have a nice week!

    1. Thank you Eva - and so good to know you too - love this world! Fxx

  9. Hi Francesca,
    Congratulations for your award and a million thanks for including me ! I do agree with you about's such a wonderful experience which opens doors onto creativity, connections, friendship and so much more....

    1. Thank you Lala - I have M from Oia Santorini for our connection - am so thrilled about it too. Have a lovely weekend F xx

  10. Addictive is the perfect word for your blog! Congratulations!

  11. Brava Fran. Fantastico

  12. Woohoo Frannie!!! That's wonderful! Congratulations! xxxx

  13. Very appropriate
    Well done
    J. Xx

  14. You deserve it Francesca! I love your blog it keeps me in touch with my long-lost Sydney in the most creative way. I do hope to meet you next time I'm back. Big hugs xxcat

  15. Niki, Amanda, Julian, Deb and Catherine - Thank you - you all make this like winning lotto! F xx


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