Friday, 15 February 2013

The allure of the Sea

She pulls
She pushes

She splashes
She teases

She beckons
She cajoles 
As she leaves trails of droplets 
and laughter

She’s generous,
And like a cat with a mouse
She leaves behind her,
Wet and bedraggled treasures

She’s warm and inviting
Never  sleeps
And always has the last laugh

She cavorts joyously along the sands
Momentarily settling on broken shells
Before running back to her mother

Today she is a soft, sea green
Highlighted by masterful strokes of azure and crystalline
Her palette always changing as the winds kiss her waves

Her horizon is serene and still
Like the seven Halcyon days in the summer solstice
When the seas were at peace
And the kingfisher bore her young

A tantalising siren’s song
She is lovingly embraced

And always alluring

She is... 

The sea!

© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. Oh, you so captured that seductive vixen of the sea!

    1. Thank you J & J - it was such a beautiful day and I was mesmerised by this place. Almost surreal Fx

  2. This beautiful post makes me think of the photos by David Hamilton! You remember, he was famous in the 80ies..
    And Congrats for your award, you deserve it so much!
    Have a nice week-end!

    1. I know exactly Malyss - I was lucky to have my daughter with me - she is a natural! F x

  3. Quite lovely.I feel as if I was there too. Love to you both

  4. How I miss the sea! Beautiful story and such light... Xcat

  5. Excellent, both images and text.

  6. I love the see and this series is wonderful
    greetings from brussels


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