Monday, 8 April 2013

Cherry Blossom in Spring

 Under a Yoshino Cherry tree I sit in the park
Waiting for the first sign of spring
For a touch of pink to burst forth from a gnarled winter
For a glimpse of Crabapple, Dogwood, Cherry and Magnolia perfection

She arrives in a cloak of blossom buds
Blinding me with her intensity...

Her bravado...

Her light.

For she leaves nothing to the imagination
Dressed to thrill

Dressed to kill, every hint of green
As she takes over in her gentle, delicate ways.

I am consumed by her beauty
Mesmerised by her audacity

Enamoured by her lusciousness
And speechless at her structure

She is alluring
Beckoning me beneath

Laying down her petal carpet
Inviting me to rest soporifically on her pink eiderdown

I am shrouded in her hues of love...
Hot, Light, Deep, Baby

Champagne, Tickle Me, China

Tango, New York, Mountbatten

and Cherry blossom...


© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. Wow ..Lovely Cherry blossom. Your photographs are beautifully captured. I remember a year or so i visited such Pear blossom garden, here is that link :

    I agree with you....mostly we take beautiful memories with us from such places which we can cherish all the time :)

    Stay blessed.

    1. Thank you Kiran and I loved your white version of spring. F

  2. Beautiful the way spring arrives on that pink fashion runway! And you captured this so well in photos. (It is early morning here, we leave for Greece in a matter of hours. . .I'll keep you tucked in my pocket!) xo J.

  3. Thank you and enjoy Greece in spring - envy envy! Fxx

  4. A beautiful place to celebrate Spring Francesca...just love your photos! xx

  5. I am waiting for our cherry blossom to burst open. A slow symphony is about to start in our garden. And all those treasures to eat afterwards! X

  6. I needed to say "wow" too! A profusion of perfumed pink beautifully captured. Love it. Love you!

  7. Sakura! Beautiful scenes and beautiful photos of them.
    I've been to Japan several times (my wife is Japanese) and that country explodes with Cherry blossoms and festivals commemorating their appearance each year. One of her aunts has a tree that sprouts blossoms of three different colors.


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