Monday, 16 December 2013

My December lists

Oh how I love the traditions of December…
The intentions…
The planning…
The decisions…
The list of lists…

The  Christmas card to photograph 
Timing it right for overseas postage
Writing messages… addressing… stamping

And the tree… traditional or modern… big or small… simple or cluttered… 
elegant or kitsch?
Decorating is a ceremony for us – the music – the mayhem – the laughter 
and always with friends to help

There’s a cake to make… 
fruit immersed in orange and brandy for 6 weeks…hmmm late this year!
Mice pies to bake…  a dash more brandy
Brandy sauce to beat until deathly pale… 
definitely more than a dash needed here!

Gifts to make and buy
And then part I particularly love - the wrapping...
Choosing a theme.
Brown Paper packages tied up with string?
Newspaper and red grosgrain?
Butcher’s paper and old measuring tapes?
Or black with lace…?
One thing never changes though...
Homemade goods always come in linen and tied with love.

Then there are the handmade gift tags
Scrawled with my version of calligraphy
And adorned with a specially chosen ornament.

THEN there are the lists for Christmas Day 
Those I write tonight! 
© 2013 Francesca Muir


  1. Exquisite photos with such a delightful item! Spiked oranges and fragrant cinnamon! Enjoy your Christmas preparations Francesca!

  2. You have so many good and delectable and inspiring things planned!! :-) What fun you shall have. :-)

  3. Delicious sentiments and photos - am making brandy sauce tomorrow and recalling one Christmas when Julian made the sauce on the island - then came away without it! But the Christmas pudding tasted almost as good so we forgave him! Here's to a happy Christmas day - and we've just passed our shortest day and the first day of winter - so spring and summer can't be far behind. Or can they? Love

  4. I can smell the cloves and the oranges - delicious - and where's my mince pie? Happy Christmas from the french connection! Love


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