Friday, 2 September 2011

Scotland Island dreaming

My association with island-life continues even whilst living in Sydney, for my brother and his wife live on Scotland Island nestled in Pittwater. This well-kept, secret city-escape is a haven, just a few minutes by boat from Church Point

My brother tells me that he feels permanently on holiday on Scotland Island and therefore, well worth the 40-minute daily commute 

The Scotland Island Dog Race to Church Point every Christmas Eve is an essential part of island life for every local mutt (and owner)  

Tranquil waters, tranquil dreams - that's how I spend my days on Scotland Island

Susan Duncan writes evocatively about the Off-Shore Communities in her books on life on Pittwater. She captures her life, the people, places and events with passion and honesty and her recipes are THE best!

© 2011 Francesca Muir


  1. What a beautiful place! looks like my home! (ha! ha! ha!)
    What I really like about this blog is that all Francesca's photos are so vivid and so full of light!
    I love it

  2. Thank you Nathalie - you're a lucky girl to call this your home. F xx

  3. The 2 days we spent with you here Frannie are etched in my mind.
    It was the most relaxing time, where your cares are left on the mainland.Hope to stay there for an extended period with you again one day.
    Love Belinda

  4. Sooner rather than later please.
    F x

  5. gorgeous and for me, not all that far away
    never been to scotland
    (much less to australia ! but that thought does not even cross my mind :) )
    happy sunday (night)


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