Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My life on a Scrabble board

 A wonderfully creative  blogging chum, Jeanne from Collage of Life had a fantastic post last week called "Words of Life". A compilation of words about her life, interests and favourite things written without deep thought, punctuation or capitals - a sort of written stream of consciousness as if they were words on a scrabble board. 
She invited her readers to participate....
So here goes ....
 "If my life were a game of scrabble, my words would be...."

that greek blue
homer's wine-dark sea
 fishing boats
little villages
hellenic colour light
simplicity and purity
my pride and joy
 dappled light
sun-kissed timbers and skin
grapes figs yoghurt honey
indigo and violet
oranges and pomegranates
wine of life
lotus- eaters
 peace and happiness
olives and oil
mediterranean food
wild oregano and thyme
lemons and limes
grilled octopus

bread in the oven
torn basil and baby tomatoes
friends in the kitchen
bon hommie
aegean sea
knossos and minoan
poppies at the acropolis
saffron and cardamom
buddha’s tears tea
sleep dreams
travel friendship laughter
shining eyes giggling
dancing in the dark
jazz hands
choreography and terpsichore
bob fosse and chicago
tapping feet and bowler hats
ballet days
broadway babies
theatre gypsies
musical notes
stage lights
mambo, samba and latino
written words
grace good humour
sunbeams sunrise sunset
early morning swims and twilight picnics
sydney harbour and opera house
vicarious travel
coffee table books
picture books
laden bookshelves
apples and steve jobs
new york in spring
sound of raindrops
smell of a wet dog
milo the magnificent
paris france
anthropologie and anthology
delphi athina olympia
la traviata and puccini
campari, french champagne and bombay gin
limes and coconuts
merchant ivory
melina mercouri
sponge divers
venice italy
amalfi coast
allegra bianca and allegria
la dolce vita and mama mia
morocco marrakesh
timbuktu  zanzibar
farm in africa
kilimanjaro giraffes
serengetti zebras gazelles
postcard pictures
cats in the sun
.... of course!


  1. Divine, Frannie! You are not only a stunning photographer but a beautiful poet!! You make magic with words!! xx

  2. How much we have in common, Francesca! Something you probably don't know about me is that all I do is think of Greece. It's a journey of the heart.
    Lovely photographs...big sigh!

  3. I loved this post - so eloquent with words and images! And I have to say your beautiful pics of sea and outdoor eating with catch of the day are making me crazy with longing here in the chilly north!

  4. Thank you Karen, Catherine and Amanda. I loved this little exercise for the Scrabble board! It was just as you said Catherine - "a journey of the heart", which for me ALWAYS takes me to Greece - my spiritual home. Funny how I seemed to have photos to match... someone once said "we write and teach those things about which we most want to learn" How true. I could add to that..." and photograph". Warm wishes North from the South! F xxx

  5. Well... what more could anyone say? You've completely covered me! Thanks so much Francesca for the shout out of my homeland!

  6. Thank you my new blog friend for this glimpse into your life. I'd love love love to see Greece and Crete. My heart lies in Paris but I think Greece could give it a run for its money.

  7. I love your blogs and your beautiful photographs of Greece.

  8. Virginia you would LOVE it - it's a photographer's dream.
    Costas ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ πολύ!
    F xx

  9. Hope you are coming to New York this spring? Do you play Words with Friends which is similar to Scrabble, I am addicted!

    Paula x

  10. Hi Paula - not this spring unfortunately - but somewhere warmer - Bali! Will look into Words with Friends and keep you posted. F x


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