Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vivid Sydney after dark

The facades of some of Sydney's more iconic buildings have been dressed up and transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas, as Vivid Sydney comes to town

Now in its third year, this amazing festival boasts extraordinary light installations and projections 

The sandstone roof and walls of the Argyle Cut become fields of flowers as roses, poppies and sunflowers burst forth ....

Come to your Census, funded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics lights up the sandstone walls of 
Cadman's Cottage and poses some interesting questions

Electric Canvas' animated 3D projection sequences on Customs House are absolutely awe-inspiring ....

 Motion Collaboration by very talented local artists light up the walls of the MCA - Sydney's premier contemporary art museum

 The intrepid Sea Shepherd looms mysteriously in the dark waters off the Overseas Passenger Terminal

Colouring the city with creativity and inspiration, Vivid Sydney was recently ranked in the Top Ten global ideas festivals by the Guardian Newspaper in the UK 

I must add that I was seriously underwhelmed by the first Vivid Sydney just a few years ago.
It is now not to be missed, and is the biggest ideas festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sydney is always beautiful after dark.  
Now she really shines brightly for 18 days in winter,
 when she dons her extraordinary vivid mask.

Copyright Francesca Muir and Instagram


  1. Wow Frannie,
    I have never heard of this light festival.
    Sydney is wrapped in Joseph's technicolour dreamcoat.
    What amazing clear photo's.
    Unfortunately my night meets light shots are always fuzzy. Love the B & W of Alex.
    Belinda xxx

  2. It's only 3 years old Belinda - and it's amazing! Keep trying - these were taken with my iPhone and then I used Instagram - it hides all sorts of issues! F xx

  3. With your iPhone?! That is amazing! This lightshow festival reminds me of the one in Lyon, France on the 8th of December. I have never been but would love to see this display of light.

    Love these shots and your two b&w ones as well.


  4. Thank you Genie - yes with my iPhone. It has such a good camera - though not so good if you want to blow up big! There are also so many free apps which help improve results. Have a lovely week. F x

  5. Fabulous! games with light give strange feelings, like being in an other world, in a magyc place; It must be great to re-discover your town through new lights!

  6. Wow that is quite vivid! I like the excitement within it all!


I love reading your comments - so please feel free to add something. Thank you! F x


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